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Labels Anyone?

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Typically speaking, printing labels is an easy thing to do, right?  Anyone who has ever used the label printing in Word knows you can just enter some information into a little dialog box, choose a label type, and load up the label in your printer to print. Maybe those same people even took it a step further and tried a mail merge to their label output.  Sweet!


Using AX2012 Document Management Services for GL Journal Imports

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I’d like to share an interesting case I encountered when using the new AX2012 Document Management Services to provide an interface for importing GL entries for my fellow application consultants.  What seemed like a simple concept proved to be a bit more challenging than anyone could have expected.


Let My Project Go!

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Have you ever opened a project in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 to find that the window is actually underneath the top toolbar?  Did you attempt to move it by resizing, maximizing and minimizing the window like I did? Despite my numerous and various attempts to break the project window away from the toolbar I met with no success.  I have since, however, found three different ways of dealing with this situation.


The “Bottomline” for using Create!form in AX 2012

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Microsoft has truly taken advantage of the many third-party products that have enhanced the usability and breadth of the Dynamics AX product over the years. Sometimes we forget that Dynamics AX was an acquired product, as many Microsoft offerings are, and in order to be successful in the early years while the product matures, ISV solutions become essential to that success. One of those products that I have a special admiration for is Bottomline Technologies’ Create!form Suite.


Your Dynamics AX SQL Server May Not Be Taking Advantage Of It’s Full Potential.

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Most SQL administrators will go to great lengths to make sure that they have the latest updates and patches on their SQL servers.  As Microsoft updates the query processor in SQL, you are able to take advantage of added performance from these updates; however, this may not be true for your SQL server.  Why do I say this?


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