AX 2009 Reporting Extensions on SQL 2012

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Author Steve Boccio

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We recently recommended to one of our AX 2009 clients that they redeploy their AX infrastructure to reap the benefits from newer hardware, utilize virtual OS’s, and do some much needed housekeeping in the process. We recommended installing AX 2009 SP1 RU3 (their current level) on Windows 2012 and SQL 2012. There are some interesting hurdles when installing AX 2009 on SQL 2012, so we thought we would share our findings and spare you the grief.

You really can’t appreciate the upgrades Microsoft has put in place for the AX 2012 setup programs until you revert back to installing AX 2009. Something as simple as slipstreaming updates and hotfixes in the installation or active search and install of prerequisites is just so huge when you realize how time-consuming it is to do those things manually.  Well, that’s exactly what we were forced to do when trying to install the AX 2009 Reporting Extensions on SSRS 2012 Reporting Services.
Anyone that has installed the AX 2009 reporting extensions on anything but SQL 2005 has seen this dreaded error before:


So when we saw this old nemesis of a message, we figured we had the solution well in hand. We were very wrong.  KB959494 states that the Microsoft.Dynamics.Setup.ReportingServices.dll and the axsetup.exe need to be replaced in the installation media to resolve this issue. No problem, right? Well, to our surprise it didn’t resolve the issue.  So we searched for newer solutions for a good while and ended up posting an incident with Microsoft to investigate.  We thought there might be something we’re clearly not aware of since installing this KB hotfix worked in the past.  The tech on the case pointed us directly to the system requirements for AX 2009 and SQL 2012, which states that RU8 is required. Okay, RU8 kernel right? Makes sense, but not so fast! She insisted it needs RU8 at the application as well because the guide did not specifically state just the kernel. How could the application level of the product affect this message requiring SQL 2005 SP2? Needless to say, we were skeptical. We did apply RU8 kernel, but left the application at RU3 for now.

After some further investigation, a colleague and I found yet another KB article KB2836535 again updating the Microsoft.Dynamics.Setup.ReportingServices.dll and axsetup.exe for compatibility to SQL 2012. It was this hotfix that allowed us to get past the SQL 2005 SP2 message and install reporting extensions. However, we weren’t completely out of the woods yet.  The prerequisites also required us to install IIS and several supporting features found in the setup.log. We know IIS really isn’t completely necessary for SSRS 2012 since it has its own web service, but without it the install doesn’t succeed.

Finally the reporting extensions were installed and we selected to deploy the initial reports during the install. Remember the Deployment utility for AX 2009? Another reminder of how far and improved AX 2012 is with integration to PowerShell for mass report deployment. Well since KB2836535 also comes with an update to apply, deployment of the reports on the initial install of the extensions will fail with a CLRBridge error if attempted. But once the axupdate utility for KB2836535 is run and the assemblies and supporting dlls are updated, your AX 2009 reports can finally be deployed to SSRS 2012 from the deployment utility.

We hope this saves you some time and grief!

Author Steve Boccio

Microsoft Certified Business Intelligence Developer
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist More ...

Author John Boehm

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
Senior Information Systems Consultant-Dynamics AX More ...

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  1. Kenneth Says:
    Hi, Steve, John,

    Thanks for your experiences sharing, I am facing the same issue. I tried to download the KB article KB2836535, but it is not available for download right now. If you have this, I hope you can send me a copy. As you know, it is the key factor to solve this issue. Please!
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  2. Paulo Henrique Souza Says:
    I am also in need of this KB and I can not find anywhere, could you please send me an email from ya thank you!
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