Changing font size on SSRS reports in AX 2012

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Author Jim Black

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Recently, one of our clients requested that the default font size be increased on some of their reports to make them more readable for the users.  This change was to be used for a few out-of-the-box reports, custom reports, and AutoReports generated from forms as well.

In older versions of AX the report font size was a setting under the user options.  This is no longer the case in AX 2012 as you can define multiple Table Style Templates for SSRS reports.  SSRS reports inherit their style information such as font sizes and borders from these templates.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to change the font size on default and custom SSRS reports in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012:

  1. Open Visual Studio, create a new Report Model project, and navigate to SSRS Reports|Table Style Templates in the Application Explorer.
  2. Right click on the template used for the report you want to change, and click Duplicate.  Most of the reports use the TableStyleAlternatingRowsTemplate so that is what I will be modifying in this example.




  1. Rename your new template.  For this example I will call it TableStyleAlternatingRowsTemplate12pt.
  2. Right click your new template and add it to your project.
  3. Open your newly created template and change the Font Size from the default of 8pt on all the Cell Style definition nodes in the template.  You can also change many other style properties in these same nodes.  Refer to screenshot.



  1. Perform a Build on the solution.
  2. Navigate to the report you would like to change in the AOT and add it to your project.
  3. Open the report and navigate to the Designs node.
  4. Change the Style Template on all the designs to your new template.  Some reports have a Layout Template in addition to the Style Template.  This only applies to the Style Template.




  1. Build the solution again and redeploy the report!


Now that the template has been created you can associate it with any report whether Out-Of-The-Box or Custom.

Additionally, you can associate this new template with Autoreports using the “Report layout” screen on the Autoreport Wizard as shown below.



Happy reporting!

Author Jim Black

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
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1 response to “Changing font size on SSRS reports in AX 2012 ”

  1. Andrew Says:
    Hi Jim,

    I have an issue where the default textboxes font in the SSRS report is using segoe UI font which unable to render thai font in AX Screen and Save to PDF. there will end up like square boxes.

    If i open a deployed report in Report builder and change the font in the textboxes from Segoe to Tahoma. it worked.

    Prb is, using your method, i'm not able to change the font of the textboxes. It is still showing as Segoe UI instead of Tahoma.

    Any idea how i can fix this?


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