Let My Project Go!

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Author Shon Harsh

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Have you ever opened a project in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 to find that the window is actually underneath the top toolbar?  Did you attempt to move it by resizing, maximizing and minimizing the window like I did? Despite my numerous and various attempts to break the project window away from the toolbar I met with no success.  I have since, however, found three different ways of dealing with this situation.

1. Traditional
The common first method is to use the file menu to move the windows to a workable location.  In the file menu, navigate to: Microsoft Dynamics AX | Windows | Tile or Cascade.  This method will work like the typical operating systems cascade and tile window feature.  While this is a working solution, resizing all the windows is a wee bit tedious.

2. Rename
Renaming the project is a quick fix because it will reset the project window position.  To see this, close the project (through the file menu if necessary) and rename the project.  Once it is opened again the window position is reset to the default position.  There is a problem with this solution though, which is that if the project is renamed back to the original name, the window reverts to the unmovable location.

If this is done in a slightly different manner though, operation “window rescue” can be achieved. 
If you rename the closed project it can opened as mentioned above.  Once opened, place the window in workable location then rename the project back to its original name while it is still open.  The usage data for the name we want is now overwritten and at last the correctly named project window opens normally.

3. Usage Data
The last method is to delete the usage data.  This can be accomplished by accessing the Tools | Options menu and the selecting the Usage Data button.  In the “All usage data” tab, the project name can be found in the “Name” column.  Deleting this record will also reset the window position.

Lastly as a side note I wanted to mention that the AOT window position will not reset even when resetting usage all the data.

Part of the joy of development is learning the system; from the data level of tuning the SQL server to the paper level of reporting in AX, there are always more skills to cultivate.  Now if you ever encounter this unmovable window behavior you are armed for the task.

Author Shon Harsh

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
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