Uninstalling AX models with the same name

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Author Shon Harsh

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The new Windows Powershell tools for Microsoft Dynamics AX are very useful.  I recently encountered a problem that thankfully is easy to avoid and in this case was easy to solve.

Commands to view models by name

When removing or uninstalling a model from AX using PowerShell, the standard method is to specify the model name as a parameter.  For example:

Uninstall-AXModel -Model CustomAxModelFileName.model

I recently came across an environment that had two models with the same name.  While trying to uninstall the models I received an error:

“…multiple models exist with the same name.”

At first I tried to identify the model by other object properties and renaming a model.  This may be possible however I was unsuccessful and being in a time constraint I did not have time to polish my PowerShell skills.  The layer system of AX nevertheless saved the day!  I was able to change the command to remove all models in a specific layer and remove the intended models.

Uninstall-AXModel -Layer isp

This might be a way to keep momentum in the setup process when there are only a few models installed.  Another great tool is the AxBuild.exe tool available in CU7.

Complete information can be found on Technet here:


Model on DAX friends!

Author Shon Harsh

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
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  1. Gertjan van der Linden Says:
    You could have removed the model by using the id of the model instead of the name. This is a good solution if you have multiple models with the same name!

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